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The Ministry of the Interior

Government of Isfahan


Number: 11

Date: 26 Farvardin 1317 [15 April 1938]

Number: -----

Subject: Regarding the Baha’i Kindergarten of Qaleh Shah


The Governorate of Isfahan,

I would like to inform you that the honourable Baha’is have established a one-classroom kindergarten in Qaleh Shah of Lenjan without the authorization of the Department of Education, and since an official primary school, authorized by the Ministry of Education has recently been opened in the locality, assurance was received from the founder of the kindergarten, [that they would] not to try to open it without the formal authorization.

The District Mayor and Mayor of Najafabad – Mohammad [Illegible] [Karim Borumand]

[Signature and stamp]


[Handwritten note at the end of page]

The district mayor must be warned that in response he must stop using the word “honourable”. The deputy and director of the education, too [illegible] …