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Azar 1326 [November 1947]


In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate, may God increase our rewards because of the afflictions that have fallen upon our Master and our Guardian Hossein (peace be upon Him)

Distinguished Mr. Mohammad Qavam,

Peace be upon you; may God increase your compassion and blessings.

Further to my greetings and congratulations on [your] marriage, as we are in the month of Ramadan, it suffices to convey that I will pray for the comfort and success of the couple.

I am sending this letter from Yazd with a special messenger. Should you [require] more explanations, please ask him for more details.

I would earnestly request you to inform His Excellency that I, particularly, would be more useful to him, to Iran and to all the Islamic world, more than all those illiterate people of the centre [capital], all the illiterate clergy, the head of the Sepahsalar School, the Friday imam of the Mosque of Masjid-e Shah and others. [Ayatollah] Behbahani, Zahirol-Islam and the Jam’at Immas of Tehran, Siyyid Yaḥyá, Shiekh Ali Moddarres, Sheikh Abdollah and other clergy who are attached to the court are good neither for the world nor for the religion, especially because they do not have any knowledge of religion. They only follow some inherited superstitions which are harmful in this day and age.

What went wrong, that I was confined to spend my life in exile in Yazd and they are in Tehran instigating sedition in the name of religion and contrary to the wellbeing of the government and country? With the political leadership of His Excellency, and his capability that has appeared in the world, why should he treat his servant [me] in such a way?  I had decided to go to Iraq, but they did not allow me. They did not permit me to reside in Tehran. The Baha’is and Jews and Communists are free in Yazd and I am restricted. The police force even [prevents] me from receiving any livelihood.

One cannot expect any considerations for the country’s public and religious wellbeing from an unexperienced youth who associates with Colonel Ayadi, Major General Alaei, Major General… and Fatheazam and people such as them; on the contrary, only these kinds of pressures are expected. However, these are not in line with Your Honour’s policy.

It is quite cynical [unusual] that wild Reza Khan kept me for two years in exile, and that, now that an experienced, interested and knowledgeable person is in charge of the affairs, I should still remain in the same situation.  Since personal and emotional pressures in Yazd have reached their highest peak, I am submitting this letter and expect your response.

Please request [more] explanations from the messenger of the letter. Peace and His Mercy and Blessings be upon you.

Mohammad Khalesizadeh


[Handwritten note 1:] To be reported that this letter is from Mr. Khalesizadeh who has been exiled to Yazd, 1 Dey 1326 [23 December 1947]

[Handwritten note 2:] Records, 29 Dey [20 January]

[Handwritten note 3:]Stamp: entrance to Prime Minister’s Office, Number 2/16283, Date: 5 Bahman 1326 [26 January 1948]

[Handwritten note 4:] Mr. Dabiran, please prepare a brief summary of this file. 7 Bahman 1326 [28 January 1948]

[Handwritten note 5:] All the records since year 1326 are attached. 7 Bahman [28 January]