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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Khorasan

[Date:] 04 Tir 1334 – 06 Dhul Qadah 1374 [26 June 1955]

[Issue No:] 1728


Grand Ayatollah Borujerdi Was Planning to Leave Iran.

Is this rumour true that the Islamic Theological School in Qom is closing down?

Commander Fakher Hekmat, and Dr. Eqbal, the head of University, and Mr. Jafar Behbahani, and a number of others commute between Tehran and Qom.

The Baha’is have written letters to American businessmen and have advised them not to make investments in Iran.

Ayatollah Borujerdi has said, “As I have initiated this matter in relation to the Baha’is, it has to be implemented.”

European and American Baha’is have sent close to 2500 telegraphs to government authorities in Iran.

The Baha’is have distributed a publication entitled, Falsafi’s sermons.

According to the information received from Qom, a few members of Parliament, who are against the government of Mr. ‘Ala, somehow for obstruction purposes, have told Ayatollah Borujerdi that the government does not wish to raise the law of “pursuit and punishment of the Baha’is and confiscation of their assets” at the Parliament; the government is refraining to propose this bill, even though to some extent, the setting for its approval exists at the Parliament...

…the trip of the head of the Parliament

These same members have presented as evidence the statements of Commander Fakher Hekmat, Head of the National Consultative Assembly, about the Bahá’ís. Apparently, Fakher Hekmat, in a private meeting with the members, had stated that (the members of Parliament should not initiate the proposal of a bill about the Baha’is). Therefore, Ayatollah Borujerdi had sent a message that he intended to leave Iran. Commander Fakher Hekmat, the Head of the National Consultative Assembly, immediately went to Qom and kept Ayatollah abreast of the anti-Iran publicity, which the Baha’is had created abroad. The Grand Ayatollah had responded, “This matter needs to be accomplished, since I have initiated it and my letter has been read by Mr. Falsafi from the pulpit.”

After these statements, Commander Fakher Hekmat informed the members of Parliament to convene a couple of private meetings to discuss and deliberate about the Bahá’ís and the circumstances of tabling a bill...