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Private Office of His Imperial Majesty

Transcription: Submission of the children of the slain Aminol-Olama

Date: -----

Number: -----


The blessed threshold of His Eminence, the Imperial Majesty, may our souls and the souls of all the people of the world be a sacrifice for him.

May we all become sacrifices for thy mighty, blessed threshold. It is not yet clear to these servants whether the disaster of the murder of our father, Aminol-Olama, has [come to your attention]—how Mirza Ali-Akbar, known as Ardabili, incited the wicked [people] to murder our father for believing in the Bab on the 21st of the month of the Fast, and this action came to its end on the 23rd night of fasting, with the killing of our guardian and father Aminol-Olama, by the hands of one of the servants of Mirza Ali-Akbar, by the name of Haji Aqa, the grocer. 

At this early age of our lives, they have left us orphans with no protector. This painful misfortune was discovered as a result of the endeavours of the head of the disciplinary forces of Ardabil and the respected military commander. The complete case is being kept at the governorate and with the disciplinary forces. Mirza Ali-Akbar Ardabili, who, for many years, had taken advantage of the  revolution era and barbarism, with the support of the tribal insurgents, advanced his corrupt  intentions, this time not perceiving the might of the present government, and just as before,  vituperated the government from the pulpit, addressing the innocent people by calling the Constitutional Assembly by unseemly words and ugly designations, with the aim of diminishing the might and grandeur of the government and increasing his own, and thus securing his own future finances.  

The esteemed military and civil agents of Ardabil are fully aware of the repugnant behaviour of this religious-looking corrupt individual. So far, this dangerous element of humanity is being exiled from Ardabil, after the discovery of a number of his activities against the government and the nation. Should he not return, as many times before, through his plotting or other means, to his nest of evil, he will lift the cradle of corruption, not [only] from Ardabil but from all the areas of Azerbaijan. Now the aforesaid murderer has been arrested and is imprisoned, and a number of the participants in the killing of our father have also been identified.

We plead at the blessed threshold of His Eminence, the Imperial Majesty, the true father of the orphans, to have the perpetrators punished.


Signatures of the children of the slain Aminol-Olama


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