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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of the Interior

Police Headquarters

First department

Date: 13 Mordad 1322 [5 August 1943]

Number: 1/5568/4762



Ministry of the Interior,

I would like to respectfully bring to your attention that, according to the report of the police force of Mazandaran, it has been a while since the Baha’is of Babol, with the representation of Dr.  Foroughollah Bassari, the physician of the department of health of the city, have been gathering in an assembly at the (Darwish Tajeddin) every week and are busy propagating. Recently, they have distributed a flyer amongst the local residents, a copy of which is enclosed. You are requested to instruct that a recommendation be announced.

Head of the Police Force Headquarters, Colonel Khosrow-Panah [signature]


[Handwritten Note: 1] stamp, Registered in the Confidential Office of the Ministry of the Interior, number: 981, 15 Mordad 1322 [7 August 1943]

[Handwritten Note: 2] It is political

[Handwritten Note: 3] Should be conveyed

[Handwritten Note: 4] Stamp, Ministry of the Interior, Political Office, Number 3080, Date: 23 Mordad [15 August]

[Handwritten Note: 5] It was viewed, 26 Mordad [18 August]