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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper: Ettelaat]

[Number:] 16621

[Date:] Thursday, 17 Dey 1360 [7 January 1982]


Head of the Supreme Court of Justice:


No one is executed in Iran because of [their] religion or belief


The head of the Supreme Court of Justice said, “In the Islamic Republic of Iran, no one is executed merely because of [their] religion or beliefs. The 8 (eight) Baha’is that were prosecuted and executed were members of the secret network of espionage of the National Assembly of the Baha’is, working in favour of foreigners and against the Islamic Republic”.


The head of the Supreme Court of Justice and member of the Supreme Judiciary Council, Ayatollah Mousavi-Ardabili, in a short interview with a reporter of the Islamic Republic News Agency, in response to the question “What is your opinion about the recent executions of the eight distinguished members of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is?”, said, “Once I was asked the same question, as if these eight Baha’is had been killed because of their Baha’i beliefs. I told them, ‘I think this is a lie’, and my response was based on the fact that it was not supposed [to happen] that in the Islamic Republic, someone [would] be executed or killed, merely because of his religion or belief.  However, I later investigated through the Islamic Prosecutor’s Office and it became clear that some individuals from this group had been tried and executed, because of being guilty of espionage in favour of the foreigners and acting against the Islamic regime, and not because of being Baha’i!”