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The Office of the National Public Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution of Iran 


The Central Islamic Revolutionary Court

So judge amongst the people with truth [Arabic verse]

Number: Judgement 2?36 – [Illegible]

Date: 7 Dey 1360 [28 December 1981]

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In the Name of God

The Central Islamic Revolutionary Court, held from 2:00 in the afternoon until 4:30 [p.m.], with the presence of the accused, whose names are: 1- Mahmoud Majzoub, son of Esmail; 2- Kamran Samimi, son of Ahmad; 3- Jalal Azizi, son of Aziz; 4- Ghodratollah Rowhani, son of Fazlollah; 5- Mehdi Amin-Amin, son of Gholamreza; 6- Sirous Rowshani Oskouie, son of Mohammad Ali; 7- Dr. Ezzatollah Forouhi, son of Mohammad Hashem; Jinous Naimat [illegible] Najafabadi, daughter of Abbas.  Their charges were detailed in the bill of indictment.  Following their arraignment, their defence was heard, their guilt was confirmed and proven as follows:

  1. Insulting the sacred Islamic tenets, clerics, and authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran and ridiculing the people of Iran by chanting slogans like “Neither Eastern, nor Western” and [dissemination] of violent poems.
  2. Communication with Israel by telephone, letters or various methods, and sending Iran’s documents and news to Israel for action.
  3. Meeting with foreign personages and authorities for the purpose of putting pressure on the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  4. Contact with foreign radio [stations] of America and BBC to instigate them against the Islamic Republic and [illegible] connection with them in order to increase or silence the Voice of America against Iran.
  5. Despatching or receiving news through code names such as Dear Uncle, [etc.] in different languages to or from the House of Justice in Haifa.
  6. Despatching news from prisons or fatwas [decrees] by authorities and His Holiness, the Imam, and orders issued by factories, etc., to the Haifa House of Justice, and so on.  The crime of espionage against the Islamic Republic and conspiracy against the people of Iran are proven and confirmed.  Therefore, they are clear evidences of corruption on earth, rebels against the Islamic government of Iran, and are sentenced to death. All of their belongings are being confiscated to the benefit of the Martyrs Foundation.  Only one house will be allocated for the ones who have family in Iran, to a moderate extent %


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Copy corresponds with the original judgement.  26 Mehr [7] [18 October]


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Archives in the file of Ghodartollah Rowhani