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[Personal information has been redacted.]



The Islamic Republic of Iran

The Ministry of Education

Department of Education of Kerman Province


Parvin Etesami High School


Date:  16 Mehr 1363 [8 October 1984]

Number: -----

Attachment: -----


This is to certify that


Mrs. Farzaneh Shah-Bahrami, daughter of Ardeshir, of birth certificate number: [redacted] born in [redacted], during the school year of 1363-64 [1984-85] is currently studying in thesecond year of science studies in this high school.  This certificate has been issued for submission to -----and has no other value.


She has attended her classes up to 16 Mehr [1363] [8 October 1984] of the current year.


The principal of Parvin Etesami High School – Maryam [Gourmi]


Also, the aforementioned declared that she is a Baha’i.


The official stamp


Parvin Etesami High School – Kerman