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Number -----

Date -----

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Ministry of the Interior

Police Force of Gilan Province, Rasht


To: Personnel Department

From: Rasht


Number: 2/23-[date:] 2/1/1359 [22 March 1980]

According to the Order number 2574, Captain Badiollah Asadian Arabi, number 1/4811 was dismissed from service because of his association with the Baha’i sect. Order is effective from  15/1/1359 [4 April 1980]; please direct [illegible] to return his identification card, health insurance card, food benefit and health care booklets, weapon and any other government-issued equipment, and forward these to this office. Also [formal] public order will be sent in due course. Deputy of Personnel,

2/1300-[date:] 23/1/1359 [12 April 1980]

Copy to the Criminal Investigation Office. You are directed to advice [Captain Arabi] of the above-mentioned and send [to this Department] the requested documents, together with a report [of the matter].

Head of the Police Office of Gilan Province, Colonel Gholamreza Reghabi

On behalf of Colonel Mehdikhani-signature


Inspection Department - for information

Department of Guidance and Investigation- for information and action

Support Section for necessary action

4/512 [date:] 23/1/1359 [12 April 1980]

[Stamp:] Certified Copy