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In the Name of God

Clothing Trade Union of Semnan

Date: 8/6/1388 [30 August 2009]

Number: 278

Mrs. [Susan Tebyanian] Manager of [Shatel]

Clothing Trade Unit Address:  Kawthar Circle, Shatel Store

In view of the fact that the  Supervision Office for Public Places of the Police for the province of Semnan has notified you, through a letter dated 24/5/1388 [15 August 2009], that it has invalidated your business permit;  that the Clothing Trade Union of Semnan has accordingly been asked to cancel your business permit; that, furthermore, the Board of Directors of the Union provided you with a letter of warning dated 27/5/1388 [18 August 2009], reference 250, concerning your membership payment and sent you a subsequent letter dated 3/6/1388 [25 August 2009], reference 259, asking you to report to the Union Office with your original business permit and your membership card; and that you have also been notified verbally; [but that regardless of the foregoing], however, you have made no efforts to return your business permit to the Union; the Union has now fulfilled its responsibility by cancelling your permit. Given that your business permit is no longer valid, any misuse of it is subject to legal prosecution. Please return the invalidated permit to the Union as soon as possible.

[Ebrahim Jandaghian]

Director of Clothing Trade Union of Semnan


8/6/1388 [30 August 2009]

[Official stamp of the Union]

cc: Respected General Director of  Supervision Office for Public Places of the Police  for the province of Semnan, for information and further action;

Respected General Director of Association of Unions of Semnan, for information;

Respected Director of the Bureau of Commerce of the province of Semnan, for information

1 (this superscript does not appear in the text)[“Edare-ye Amaken”: reportedly responsible for the enforcement of accepted moral codes in places of work and other offices.]

Letter number:  2314/2/301/1198 – 24/5/1388 [15 August 2009]