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[Personal information has been redacted.]



In the Name of God


Date: 26/12/1392 [17 March 2014]

Number: [illegible]



From: Public Places Supervision Office of the City of Babolsar, Mazandaran Province

To: Female Hairdressers and Aestheticians

Subject: Renewal of Commercial Business



Respectfully, with reference to letter number 446, dated 13/6/1392 [23 August 2013], this is to notify you that in light of the investigations into Mrs. Mahvand Laghaie, daughter of Misagh, national identification number [illegible], birth certificate number [redacted], date of birth 23/1/1344 [12 April 1965], issued in [redacted], file number [illegible], commercial unit Payvand Hair Salon in Babolsar, the response of this office to her request is negative. You are advised to immediately take action to cancel the business license of this commercial unit, and inform this office accordingly.

Furthermore, issuance of any license to the above-named is not advisable.  [Handwritten note] Please inform the enforcement officer to take actions to close this commercial within 20 days, until 7/[illegible]/1393 [2014].


Head of the Public Places Supervision Office of Babolsar

Major Mehdi Barabari [signature]


[Handwritten note dated at the bottom of the page]

Date of Service 4/[7]/93 [26 September 2014]