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In the Name of the Almighty



Number: 29/14/4/36/1

Date: 30 Aban 1394 [21 November 2015]



From:  Public Safety Police of the Intelligence and National Security of the Province of Kerman–Public Places Supervision Office

To: Public Relations Office and [Kerman] Office of the Provincial Governor General Service Desk

Re: (committing forbidden offences)



Salutations and greetings upon Prophet Mohammad.  Respectfully, in reference to [correspondence] number 68/0/27107, dated 25 Aban 1394 [16 November 2015], this is to inform you that pursuant to section 2 of the Security Council directive ratified on 20 Mehr 1393 [12 October 2014], and instruction from the Provincial [Ministry of] Intelligence Office, as well as orders of judicial authorities, businesses operated by the members of the Baha’i sect were closed and sealed, and their re-opening is strictly subject to providing an undertaking to ensure commitment to the provisions of the laws and regulations, and refrain from closure of businesses other than on official public holidays as indicated on the calendar of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Public Safety Police Superintendent of the Intelligence and National Security of the Province of Kerman

Colonel Mohammad-Bagher Falsafi

On behalf of Colonel Asghar Zahedi

[Official stamp]

Kerman Provincial Computer Registration

Number 28683

Date: 1 Azar 1394 [22 November 2015]

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Mrs. Mahdavi, for action and change of meeting time to accommodate Chief Director of Security

1 Azar 1394 [22 November 2015]




Certified Copy

Certified Copy

Administrative Office 33, Kerman

Head of Administration:  Ali Pourazizi


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1 Azar 1394 [22 November 2015]