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In the Name of God


Date: 7 Dey 1394 [28 December 2015]


Respected Intelligence Office of Khomein City,

Indeed, Allah commands justice[1] and fairness

Praise be to God Almighty and greetings and praise be to His Holiness Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the pure Imams who commanded the observance of justice and fairness.

I wish to respectfully inform you that yours truly, Laghaollah Baghaie, has been, for 35 years, the only spectacle makers with an official licence from the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education and [with a] practicing licence from University of Medical Sciences in Khomein City.

My professional performance in this city has [produced] satisfaction for the vast majority of dear inhabitants, and if investigated, the accuracy of my words will be proved.

Despite the fact that this licence has to be renewed every five years by the Arak University of Medical Sciences, in the year 1390 [2011/2012], when it was time to renew and obtain a new licence for the business, they refused to renew my permission under false and baseless excuses, [for which] they should be held accountable before the divine justice.

I request that the esteemed Intelligence Office pay attention to the employment and livelihood of at least four families, pay attention to the Islamic justice and take appropriate measures regarding the extension of my business licence.



Laghaollah Baghaie


Contact number: [redacted]

Copy: The esteemed Security Office of Arak University of Medical Sciences for necessary and timely action



[1] [Quran 16:90] https://quran.com/16