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Islamic Republic of Iran

Central Council

Boroujen Trade Union

Telephone 3005


Date: 20/9/1365 [11 December 1986]

Number: 3434



Mr. Hosein Eshraghi, Occupation: Construction apparatus and Accessories Store [address]

Further to the letter number 483, [dated] 13/4/1364 [4 July 1985], given that your business license is revoked, you are hereby given 10 days to close your commercial unit. Non-compliance with this notice will result in the closure of your store according to Article (72) of the Trade Union Act.

Head of Central Council of Boroujen Trade Union

[signature over official stamp]

Copy:  - Respected Governorship of Boroujen, for information and collaboration

Copy: - Respected Islamic Revolutionary Committee of Boroujen, for information and collaboration