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Ministry of the Interior

Kashan Governorate


[Date: 31/2/1352, (21 May 1973)]

[Number:] 305/5


From Police Force of Kashan to His Honour, the Governor of Kashan

Subject: Statement


With reference to letter number 844 of 18/2/1352 [8 May 1973], according to the report of the [Police] Station within our jurisdiction, on 7/2/1352 [27 April 1973] two Statements [fatwas] containing the religious decrees of Ayatollahs Shariatmadari and Golpaygani regarding the prohibition against purchasing and consumption of the soft drinks of the Zamzam Company and the products of the Iran Gaz Company, which are connected to the perverse Baha’i sect, were sent from Qom to Kashan, and were affixed on the doors of some of the dairy and soft drink shops in the city, and at the gathering for the morning-prayers by the Bani al-Zahra group— which was held at the house of Haj Seyyed Hosein Rasmi, Asghar Rasolzadeh, son of Muhammad, read [these decrees] out loud to the participants. After the necessary investigation was made and in order to prevent this type of unpleasant incident, an undertaking was taken from the afore-mentioned person that he has to inform the police before distributing and reading such declarations.


Commander of the Police Force of Kashan,

Colonel Razavi


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