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Number of the volume: -----



Ministry of Posts, Telegraph and Telephone



Receiver: -----


Year: 132-----


From: Borujen

To: Tehran

Receipt number: -----

Telegraph number: -----

Number of words: -----

Original date: -----

Description: -----

Date received 24 Tir [15 July]


Governorate General

Copy: Naqsh-e Jahan Newspaper

Copy: Rah-e Nejat Newspaper

Copy: Clergy Union of Isfahan

Copy: Isfahan Newspaper

Copy: Prime Minister – Tehran

Copy: Ministry of the Interior

Copy: Mihan Newspaper

Copy: Anjoman-e Tablighat-e Islami [Islamic Propagation Association]


Since today coincides with the eve of the birth of His Holiness Hujjat’ul-Moslemin [refers to Imam al-Mahdi and Imam al-Zaman, Hujjat ibn al-Hasan] the tradesmen of Borujen have been preparing for the celebration and conducting the religious ceremonies. A number of Baha’is have publicly insulted, with insolent statements, the honourable religion of Islam, ascribing to Islam inappropriate allegations and, as if it has not been enough, they were intending to arrange a large group and rise up against the Muslims of Borujen. They have already injured a number of the Muslims. Now, as a result of the intervention of the military garrison and the local gendarmerie, the major sinister mishaps have been prevented. Currently, some ten thousand Muslims of Borujen have taken refuge at the Telegraph Office in order to punish [and] remove these unclean elements from Borujen. While [I] am pleading for support, from all the Muslims to prosecute the inciters and instigators [that are] against the honourable religion of [Islam], I also plead with the authorities. If the authorities do not pay full attention, they will be responsible for any incidents.

On behalf of all the Muslims of Borujen

Seyyed Aboll-Ghasem Seyyedein



The copy and the original of the telegram- Office of the Ministry

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