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[Newspaper:] Rasmi

[Date:] 12 Shahrivar 1334 [4 September 1955]

[Issue No.:] 3077


Official Notice

In accordance with letter No. 84/130 - 28 Tir 1334 [20 July 1955], the Nawnahalan Company, as per the attached minutes of the ordinary general meeting of 5 Tir 1334 [27 June 1955], elected Messrs. Hossein Mahboubi, Seyed Mohsen Asasi, Kazem  Kazemzadeh, Seyed Ali Quds Jourabchi, Enayatollah Bostani, Yousef Ghadimi and Mahmoud Anvar as members of the Board of Directors;  General Hedayatollah Sohrab and Mr. Ahmad Majidi as stand-in members for a term of two years; and Hossein Khodadoust, Davood Qatan and Enaytollah Fayez as company inspectors for one year. As per the minutes of the board meeting of 26 Tir 1334 [18 July 1955], Mr. Enaytollah Bostani was assigned as the CEO of the company. All cheques and bonds will be signed by the CEO together with either Mr. Mohsen Asasi or Seyed Hossein Mahboubi or Seyed Ali Quds Jourabchi. 

P 3416

Head Registrar of Companies