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[Personal information has been redacted.]



The Islamic Republic of Iran


[Emblem] University of Isfahan


Number: 310

Date: 24/2/1362 [14 May 1983]

Enclosure: ------



Decision of the [Student] Admissions Council


Mr. Bijan Mirzaei


Student in the field of: Geography night-student; College: Literature, University of Isfahan; student ID number [redacted]; year of entry------; credits earned: 37; overall GPA: [redacted];


We hereby inform you that based on the [following] reason(s)


  1. Membership in perverse Baha’i sect


Based on:


Report of the investigative committee Existing documents and evidence Reliable witnesses of the Admissions Council Your own confession Views of the judicial and police authorities Consideration of your claim of recantation and the standards of dealing with those claiming recant


According to Article 1, Clause D of the Executive By-Laws of Admitting Students at the Second Stage of Transfer and First-time Expelled Students, which were circulated by the esteemed minister of culture and higher education to universities under number 7/798, dated 27/1/1362 [16 April 1983],


  1. Your continuation of education is denied.
  2. Your education will be suspended for -------.  If during this period there is no case for cancelling your claim of regret and remorse, you can continue your education at the end of this period.


In addition, based on the aforementioned policy, you are not allowed to request certification of post-diploma or bachelor’s degree equivalence to students, based on the standards passed on 22/6/1361[13 September 1982] by the Centre for Cultural Revolution.


In case you object to this decision, you can send your objection, along with potential documents and reasons and your exact address, through registered mail to the Admissions Council at P. O. Box 23, the University of Isfahan, within 5 days after receiving this letter.




  1. Objections that do not include the exact address of the objecting student will not be considered.
  2. The Admissions Council will respond to you within a maximum of 35 days after receiving your objection.




Secretary of the Admissions Council

[Signature on official stamp] University Admissions Council