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Date: [illegible] -----13

Number: 39630

In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran

Mellat Bank


Mellat Bank


Do not fear, as the intention is to establish justice and fairness - (Imam Khomeini)

Secretariat of the Supreme Council of the Banks

With reference to letter number 3342, dated 27 Bahman 1361 [16 February 1983], regarding Mrs. Behidokht Tebyani, please note that her pension has been terminated owing to her affiliation with the Baha'i sect, as she herself has admitted.

Mellat Bank

Iraj Atef [signature]

Mohammad-Reza Naserian [Signature]

Deputy of the bank - Office of Personnel

[Official stamp with number and date]

Secretariat of the Supreme Council of the Banks - Archived

Number: 7331

Date: 25 Esfand 1361 [16 March 1983]


[Handwritten note in the margin of the page:]

Mrs. Parivar


Please enclose the correspondence

26 Esfand 1361 [17 March 1983]