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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Bayan-e Haghighat

[Date:] 26 Farvardin 1299 [15 April 1920]

[Issue No.:] [Illegible]



The Bloody Arena of The Murder and Execution of Baha’is

The tragic events and the bloody scenes that occurred recently in Jahrom, with a series of horrific catastrophes and tragic events [that occurred] in the name of religious sentiments and practices, and led to the brutal murder and execution of eleven Baha’i celebrities and an infant, shows a terrifying scene and a frightening exhibition that involuntarily suppresses and upsets the society’s sentiments!!

If you have seen the force and the flames of fire in the middle of the reeds or the combustion of the harvest, you can understand the uprising of the fierce and angry masses, and the intoxicating incident of Jahrom….

You acknowledge that actions against the [country’s] order and security are contrary to [the teachings of] any religion. Now, whenever we decide to reveal the incident openly and reveal the facts impartially about any religion, we will face problems and limitations; this is beyond our tolerance. Besides, the [arm] of accusation and defamation is very long and it does not need any evidence or proof!!! Whenever we want to leave the matter without mentioning it at all, we neglect our journalistic duty and are protested by our esteemed subscribers…

Something we can write about without hesitation, due to the frequency of rumours, is the murder of 12 people who have been exterminated in the most horrific way in the midst of the crowd.

After receiving the news from Shiraz, according to the order of the commander of the Southern Division, sixty military personnel were sent to Jahrom. Several people from Jahrom, including Mr. Mirza Seyyed Mohammad Sadr’s brother, are said to have been arrested and detained in Shiraz.