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General Director of Public Affairs,

Dr. Mahdokht Broujerdi Alavi

I, undersigned, Bashir Dana, son of Vahid, holder of birth certificate number [redacted] issued in [redacted], student number [redacted], and file number 44749815, after participating in the National University Entrance Examination for [the academic year] 1385 [2006-2007] and submitting the field of study selection form, was accepted to study Theoretical Economics at the Payame Noor University of Nourabad in Kazeroun Unit (the Internet certificate of acceptance is enclosed). For this purpose, I applied to obtain authorization to defer compulsory national military service. Despite receipt and acceptance of all the necessary documents and forms by the officials of the above-named university in the month of Mehr [September/October], and having selected the month of Bahman [January/February] of the current year as the start of my studies, unfortunately on 18 Azar [9 December 2006] of the current year, in a telephone call from the university I was asked to go to the university, and despite university’s having previously accepted all the documents, the university officials, without offering any clarification or legal support, informed me that my enrolment had been refused and requested the return of the delivered documents.

Therefore, I would like to request, after studying the file and the contents of this letter which all indicate the abuse of the legal rights of the undersigned, an investigation into the violation by the above-named university and the issuing of a written instruction addressed to the officials of the Payame Noor University of Nourabad in Kazeroun Unit to take immediate action regarding the enrolment of the undersigned.

With thanks for your attention,

Bashir Dana

26 Azar 1385 [17 December 2006]


Enclosure: Internet certificate of final pass results of the National University Entrance Examination for the academic year 1385 [2006-2007]

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[There is an official stamp, dated 29 Azar 1385 [20 December 2006], at the bottom of the page.]