[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]




I am Bashir Amri, the son of Farhad Amri (the accused).  You arrested my father two weeks ago, but he has not spoken [has not been allowed to speak] to me and my mother yet.  You have told my mother that you have allowed two phone calls per week.  That means he should have had permission to call us four times.  But he has not contacted us at all.


Regarding taking our prayer books I must say this: Don’t you believe in God?!  If you do, then you should believe in communing with God.  I mean, is it not true that everyone can speak with God in some way?  My family and I speak to God in this way and share the secrets of our hearts and ask for assistance.  What reason is there for your agents to take our prayer books?


In conclusion, I request that you return the phones that belong to me and my mother, and my brother’s tablet, and our laptop, because I need to put the Compact Disk’s (CD) for my language class in the laptop to complete the exercises.


With gratitude,