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[Magazine:] Basaer

[Number:] 27

Page: 58

Investigation and Analysis


Baha’ism, Sinister Child of New Imperialism,

The activities of the Baha’i institutions in Iran after the victory of the Islamic Revolution

The victory of the Islamic Revolution, with the establishment of its anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist regime, altered the situation of the Baha’i institutions in Iran, and the followers of this sect were given a new mission from the leaders of the White House and the Zionist Regime.  The key followers of this sect, who had, for many years, given political and espionage support to the Occupying Regime of Israel, escaped from Iran, and the secondary followers of the sect became part of the “fifth-column” for the United States and Israel by changing their place of residence and adopting an underground lifestyle.

In the meantime, a number of the leaders of the aforementioned sect were identified and arrested, and their espionage activities on behalf of Israel and the United States, as well as their collective conspiracy against Islam and Muslims were unveiled.

Despite all this, the Islamic Republic allowed those members of this sect who did not have any association with western intelligence agencies to enjoy their social and civil rights like any other of their fellow Iranian citizens.

Western news agencies have reported the number of Baha’is in Iran to be three hundred and fifty thousand, and claim that forty thousand of the Baha’is of Iran have left the country and taken their residence in the United States, Israel, and a number of European countries.

Reports from inside Iran indicate that Baha’is now have two universities in Iran:

  1. The Baha’i University, in which Arabic literature, Persian literature, philosophy, logic, and Baha’i studies are taught.
  2. The Open University, in which dentistry, laboratory studies, physics, chemistry, computers, and civil technology are taught.

The teachers at both these universities are all Baha’is and the budgets for these two universities are covered by the International House of Justice of the Baha’i Sect and the parents of the students.


This is all happening at a time when world imperialism under the leadership of the United States has, from the beginning of the Revolution, accused the Islamic Republic of disregarding the rights of the Baha’is and has, repeatedly called on Iran to observe the human rights.

Last year, the United States Senate Foreign Affairs Committee approved a Resolution that appealed to the Iranian government to respect human rights and to give freedom of religion to the Baha’i community of Iran.  Even now, a number of so-called ”human rights activists associations” have begun talking about protecting the Baha’i community of Iran and are shouting and screaming that "the Baha’is are deprived of civil and social rights."

International pressures against Iran are being exerted at a time when the Baha’is are gradually coming out of their underground lifestyle and are trying once again to start their mafia-style administration while introducing their offensive religion to others.

Moreover, a number of Baha’i leaders from Iran have, in the past two years, emigrated to the Islamic Republics of the former Soviet Union which have recently obtained independence, and they have begun their propagation and missionary activities in those areas.  Reports indicate that the Baha’is have started activities in some villages and cities in the provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran.

Last year the Baha’is in Iran were encouraged by their international House of Justice to offer financial assistance to the Baha’is in Tajikistan in the form of donations and Huququ'llah[1].

The second Baha’i World Congress, which was held toward the beginning of Adhar 1370 (November 1991 (sic)] in New York, had set its main objective to be the protection of the Baha’is in Iran and in Central Asia.

At this Congress, Dr. Sirous Kazemzadeh, the head of the international council of the Baha’is, claimed that the number of Baha’is in the world has now reached five million, the greater portion of which, i.e., two million Baha’is, live in India, while there are three hundred and fifty thousand Baha’is in Iran and one hundred and fifty thousand in the United States.  He stated that there are now 155 National Assemblies of the Baha’is throughout the world, and that Baha’is live in 152 different parts of the world.

Baha’is have a total of 741 schools, 500 of which are in the United States.  They have 7 radio stations, and their literature has been translated into 802 languages.




[1] [The Right of God, a type of Bahá’í monetary donation]