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Number: 401/12/3


From: [National Compulsory] Military Service Organisation, Laws and Training


To: All Gendarmerie regiments, Branches of [Office of Military] Service 2nd Grade, Tehran [Military], Service Branch, Quadruple [Military] Service Branch and its offices.


Subject: [National Compulsory] Military Service for Baha’i conscripts


According to Order number 402/2/93/78 /P- 18 Ordibehesht 1359 [8 May 1980] from the Ministry of Defence, the rule of compulsory conscription for all members of the nation is a subject that is different to the provisions of employment [for persons] in the Armed  Forces of the Islamic Republic. Therefore, Baha’i conscripts will not fall under the Bill of Prohibition of Employment for those who are not members of one of the official religions (Islam, Zoroastrianism, Judaism and Christianity) and, like other conscripts, [will] do their duty and will be equally subject to the provisions of Army Regulations.


Head of the [National Compulsory] Military Service Organisation