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The Judiciary of Islamic Republic of Iran


Court of Justice


Follow not (your) passion lest ye lapse [Quran 4-135]


Date: -----137

Number: -----

Enclosure: -----


In the Name of God

On 18 Tir 1375 [8 Jul 1996] file number 1186/74 Verdict number 155- 18 Tir 1375 [8 July 1996]

Investigating Authority: Branch 22 – Central Public [Court]

Appellant: Ms Balacheh Asdaghi Mamaghani of Tehran [redacted]

Respondent: Mr. Davoud [Sofian] and Mr Iraj Khaleghi, of Tehran [Address is provided]

Request: Appealing the Probate

Procedural Synopsis:

The appellant had submitted an appeal, as noted above, against the above-mentioned respondents. After the referral of the case to this Branch and its registration as per the above reference [number], and following the completion of routine legal procedure, at ----- session, the court, presided over by the undersigned, (and due to the contents of the file) convened to review the file.  Subsequent to reviewing the file, -- the court concluded the hearing and issued a decision as follows.


Court Verdict:

The objection of Ms. Balacheh Asdaghi Mamaghani to the judgment number 2332 - 9 Mordad 1362 [31 July 1983] issued by Branch 69 of the 2nd Lower Civil Court of Tehran, [does not seem have any grounds] because the Appellant admitted during the Court session that [she] is a Baha’i. As the [initial] Court decision had been issued according to the rules and regulations, the appeal is declined and the [Court] upholds the [original] judgment which was delivered in absentia.


Presiding judge of Branch 23 – public Court of Tehran – Gorjizadeh

[Official stamp]  Judiciary System – Courthouse of Tehran


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18 Mordad 1375 [08 Aug 1996]