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Dated 11 Bahman 1373 [31 January 1995]


The esteemed head of the Department of Agriculture Mazandaran Province

Following the letter dated 24 Aban 1373 [15 November 1994], I respectfully submit for your attention concerning the termination of my pension, as per Article 11 of the Administrative Violations Review Act, and Article 44 of the corresponding executive bylaw. Given that I have over 24 years of administrative work experience, and am over 59 years of age, I respectfully requested the reinstatement of my salary for the livelihood of my family. A few days later, the office in charge, in its letter number 11449/3K – 7 Azar 1373 [28 November 1994], requested a copy of my retirement order, as well as a copy of the order for the termination of pension due to dismissal, in order to take necessary action. Upon the receipt of the letter, I immediately, on 16 Azar 1373 [7 December 1994], replied to the letter with explanations. Unfortunately, however, up to this date, I have not been notified of the result of the actions taken. I therefore humbly request that you issue instructions for the necessary consideration of my request, and notify me of the result.

I thank you in advance for your kind attention to this matter.

Respectfully submitted: Bahram Nabiollahi


11 Bahman 1373 [31 January 1995]