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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Date: 24/8/1373 [15 November 1994]


(Personnel Office)


The Honourable Ministry of Agriculture and Urban Development,

Respectfully, my name is Bahram Nabi-Elahi, son of Aligeda. My Personnel Number is [redacted], and I served at the Department of Agriculture and Urban Development in Tonekabon. After 24 years of service, I retired through order number 9763, [dated] 01/11/1359 [21 January 1981]. Based on the amended note of Article 74 of the State Employment Act, which I qualified for, I became eligible for monthly (30 days) pension. But unfortunately my pension was terminated through order number 18663/430, [dated] 14/05/1360 [5 August 1981]. Considering that I have over 24 years of employment services at age 59, and pursuant to Article 11 of the Employment Violations Act, as well as Article 44 of the Executive Bylaw of the same Act, I hereby request that my pension be reinstated so as to provide for my family. It is my ardent request that you reconsider my case and forward it to the Employment Violations Review Appeal Board for review, and inform me of the results through the following address.

Moreover, for your information and reference facsimiles of three orders are enclosed.

Respectfully yours, Bahram Nabi-Elahi



24/8/1373 [15 November 1994]

Tonekabon: [contact details]


[official stamp]

Office of the Ministry of Agriculture

Number: 19491

Date: 2/9/1373 [23 November 1994]

[stamp:] Indexed