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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Bahman

[Date:] 19 Khordad 1326 [10 June 1947]

[Issue No:] 10

[Page:] 1


How was Engineer Shahidzadeh killed?

The Miracle of the Imam-e Zaman[1]!


Large celebration lights up Mazandaran, Was Manouchehr Kalbady the main culprit in the murder of Engineer Shahidzadeh?


Special Correspondent of Bahman Newspaper reports from Mazandaran:


For the celebration of the anniversary of [the formation of?] the Democratic Party of Iran, Mr. Manouchehr Kalbadi, the “appointed” representative of Mazandaran and Head of the Valayati Committee, had originally decided to have Mazandaran brightly lit everywhere for three nights. For mid-Sha’ban, the citizens of Mazandaran, who are religious people for the most part, had celebrated for two nights, but to have the celebration continue for one more night, Mr. Kalbadi’s collaborators announced in various cities of Mazandaran that Imam-e Zaman has performed a miracle and has sent one of his adversaries, a Baha’i, who was opposed to this [religious] celebration, to hell.


The aforementioned person was Engineer Shahidzadeh, the Manager of the Shahi Factories, who had gone on Friday to Babolsar for a stroll and a swim.  In Mazandaran, it is understood that a group of ignorant people who were religious fanatics had followed him and as he approached the sea, they attacked him and cornered him in a private spot and after strangling him, threw him, whilst he was still alive, into the sea and then ran away. It is rumoured in Babolsar that a [hallowed] Seyyed horseman with illumined face appeared from the direction of the Qiblih [the point of adoration] and pushed the Baha’i, Engineer Shahidzadeh, into the sea.


Also a group of troublemakers in Babol and Shahi, incited the people to retrieve his corpse and set it on fire. Such an action apparently was intended to obliterate any sign of a crime having been committed  and the evidence of beating and yet strangulation was later detected in Tehran. Fortunately the culprits could not achieve their goal.


It has also been made known in Mazandaran that during the elections Mr. Kalbadi, who was behind this act and Engineer Shahidzadeh had a minor dispute that led to this deed. Mr. Manouchehr Kalbadi is the beneficiary of Sardar Jalil Mazandarani’s wealth. He [Sardar Jalil] is the same person who on various occasions buried his wealth in the forest and after burying it then decapitated the carrier on the spot in order not to have the exact location of his treasure be divulged.  His Majesty the previous Shah, who has known of this heinous act of Sardar Jalil, ordered the imprisonment of [Sardar Jalil’s] wife, Batul khanum, as a means of finding where the treasure was located.


After the death of Batul khanum, all the wealth of Sardar Jalil was bequeathed to Mr Kalbadi.  Now that he is the inheritor of the possessions of the bloodthirsty Sardar Jalil, has committed the same [violent acts as Sardar Jalil’s]. In fact, nothing less than this could be expected from him.


Bahman [Newspaper]: We want to bring this matter to the attention of Honourable Ashraf[2] and General Saffari.









[1] [Imam of resurrection day]

[2] [Ashraf means “The Most Noble”, it is the title of Prime Minister Ahmad Ghavam; it was given to him by Iranian shah, Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi].