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Date: 30 Aban 1362 - [21 November 1983]


For the attention of His Honour, Ayatollah Haj Abbas Izadi,

With greetings, I would like to take some of your time and convey that on Saturday 28 Aban 1362 [19 Novenmber1983], around 6:00 p.m., a group of people from the Village of Mohammadieh, 40 km west of Najafabad, who were provoked and encouraged by some individuals and initially were gathered in the mosque of the village, gathered suddenly in front of the house of my brother, Bahman Dehghani, tumultuously shouting insults and slogans.  [At the time], his wife, his seven children, including his 18-year-old eldest son, I, myself, and another family member were also present in the home.

The crowd started throwing stones at the house; after setting fire to and breaking the doors of the house, they attempted to enter the house by climbing the walls.  They finally climbed on to the top of the roof and the roof of the neighbours’ house and began throwing stone at our house.  As there seemed to be threats of injury, the Tiran Gendarmerie [police] headquarters was informed of the situation, and at around 9:00 in the evening, while the crowd was still busy with what was mentioned before, the police officers arrived at the scene.  A police officer who had entered the house, in response to our pleas asking him for help, just looked around and without any action left the scene.  The situation continued as such until 12:00 a.m.

During this period, neither the police officers nor any of the residents took any preventative action.  The shower of stones and fire to the doors and walls of the house, accompanied by shouting, tumult, threats and insults continued, until, at 12:00 midnight, from a darkish corner of the yard, as flames of fire created some light, the cry of my brother, shouting “Ya Hosein, they killed me. Help me!” was heard. After that, some unclear voices could be heard, and noises such as the throwing of stones from the roof or the sound of gunfire.  Within this bloody tumult and shouting, the cry of someone was heard shouting, “Was killed, was killed” and then suddenly the crowd dispersed and everyone immediately left the scene!  At this time, I rushed to the yard, towards the place where my brother had been crying for help, and saw his bleeding body fallen on the [ground].  At the same time, the police car stopped in front of the house and the officers came near his half-dead body.  Although it was dark night and his face and body were covered with blood, the signs of harsh punches were apparent on his front, eyes and chin.  At this time, we tried to take him to the Tiran clinic. Because there was no car, we put him in the police jeep and drove towards Tiran, but after a while he died in my arms.

Now I ask that justice-loving Ayatollah, what kind of sin or crime is this that its punishment should be so terrifying and heart-breaking?  For digging an 18-metre borehole that has already been approved by the government authorities, can someone shamelessly transgress someone’s private home and so heinously and atrociously kill the owner and head of that household in front of the eyes of his dear ones?

Is digging a well with official permission a sin? If it is a sin, should its punishment be killing? And if the punishment is killing, should it be done in this manner?  If this is the justice that God has ordered and the friends of God are implementing it, we will obey it!  If this is the justice that divine books have described and God-worshipers are executing, then we are obedient.

But it is undeniable that there is a God who is observant, just and potent.  And He is the One who supports and protects the oppressed and afflicted ones.  And He it is who strengthens our hearts and confirms our actions.

I apologize for this lengthy report and request from your justice-loving nature that, for the sake of God Almighty and these heart-broken orphans, you order an complete investigation into this incident to find out the real ringleaders, provokers and killers who committed such a painful crime, and deliver them to the justice system, [and give us an opportunity in which] with kind intentions and purity of heart, we may request from the law enforcers to forgive them, and for the nobility of compassion and kindness we forgive them.

Yours truly,


  1. Copy for the information of the Najafabad Court
  2. Copy for Tiran Gendarmerie [police] headquarters
  3. Copy for action for Islamic Revolution's Guards Corps in Najafabad