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In the Name of God

Date [illegible]

Number: 39630



The Islamic Republic of Iran

Bank of Mellat


As the goal is the application of justice and equity, do not be fearful of the consequences.

(Imam Khomeini)



Secretariat of the Banking Supreme Council

Please refer to correspondence number 3342 issued on 27/11/1361 [16 Feb 1983] and note that Mrs. Bahidokht Tebyani’s retirement pension has been terminated, owing to her membership [in] and her own confession to membership in the Baha’i sect [sic].

Bank of Mellat

Bank Deputy - Head Office of Personnel

Iraj Ateff [signature]

Mohammad Reza Naseriyan [signature]

[Official stamp with number and date]

Number: 7331

Date: 25/12/1361 [17 March 1983]

[Handwritten note number at the margin of the page]