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In the Name of God

Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of Gonbad


Islamic Republic of Iran


Number: 11/67/1682

Date: 21 Esfand 1367 [12 March 1989]

Name and Surname: Mrs. Bahidokht Tebyani

Daughter of: Cheragh-Ali

Occupation: Housewife

Address: [redacted]

Your file in relation to the charges against you, in respect of your membership in Baha’i administration and others is investigated by Gonbad’s Islamic Revolutionary Court and according to the judgment number 1684/D - 7 Esfand 1367 [26 February1989], you have been sentenced to one-year imprisonment.

The verdict was issued in your absence, since you were not present in court. This verdict may be appealed within ten days in Gonbad’s Islamic Revolutionary Court, and in the event, you do not appeal within the given time, this verdict will be finalized and enforceable.

[Illegible] Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office, Court Enforcement Office-Gonbad



Location: Judgment enforcement branch

Date of Service -----

Name of the Officer -----


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Sighted on 6 Farvardin 1361 [26 March 1982]