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[Personal information has been redacted.]           


Number: SH/3236

Date: 26/12/1361 [17 March 1983]


Islamic Republic of Iran

Central Bank of Iran

Tehran-Ferdousi Street

Telegraphic Address: Bank Centre

PO Box: 3362


In the Name of God

“Procedures must be carried out decisively and issues must be followed up diligently.”

"Imam Khomeini"


Mrs. Bahidokht Sheibani

With reference to [your] letter dated 15/11/1961[4 February 1983], we enclose herewith a copy of [our] letter dated 23/12/1361 [14 March 1983], number 39630. You are notified that Sections 19 and 28 of the Restructuring of Human Resources Act applies to the members of the perverse sect. Consequently, your employment is suspended until a final determination is made by the Iranian Revolutionary Courts.

Banks Council Secretariate

Hasan Zaker Hanjani [signature]

Esmail Khasar [signature]