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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Bahar-e Now

[Date:] 21 Khordad 1325 [11 June 1946]

[Issue No:] 1

[Public Number:] 16727

[Page:] 1


The Trial


The process of the trial of Shahroud’s Muslims and Baha’is in the Criminal Court of Tehran


On Saturday, 18 Khordad 1325 [8 June 1946] at 8:00 a.m., the Criminal Court was convened under the supervision of Mr. [Justice] Refahi, the officers of the court, Mr. Bastani and Mr. Aghili, and in the presence of the prosecutor of the Supreme Criminal Court, Mr. Mahdavi.


The Defendant’s Lawyers


At first, the name of the names of the lawyers were read by the secretary of the court, as follows:


1- Mr. Asadollahi,

2- Mr. Yahya Tabatabaei,

3- Mr. Sheykh Rida Malaki,

4- Mr. Ali Behzadi,

5- Mr. Esfandiari,

6- Mr. Razavi,

7- Mr. Zoulmajd Tabatabaei,

8- Mr. Ameed Ghomi,

9- Mr. Thabati


Mr. Khalatbari, the private lawyer for the complainants, was not present; they [the complainants] had considered the presence of Mr. Jadali and Mr. Navidi sufficient to carry out the trial.


The [thirty-four] Muslims who were accused were:

1- Mirza Kandouei,

2- Mohammad-Reza Khamirghir Akbari,

3- Mohammad-Reza Ghiabi

4- Ali Zahraei,

5- Ali-Asghar Kowsari,

6- Shokrollah Mirzaei,

7- Ghorban Taroudi,

8- Karbalaei Mohammad Rezvanian,

9- Mohammad Kalaghi,

10- Abbas Bolbol,

11- Zahra Fazl-Ali,

12- Hayat Taheri,

13- Siyyed Ali-Akbar Boujarian,

14- Hossein Valian,

15- Seyyed Ali Nosrati,

16- Moslem Sheikh Hossein,

17- Ali-Asghar Sangaki,

18- Taghi Namadmal,

19- Mohammad-Najjar Akrami,

20- Seyyed Hasan Akrami,

21- Yadollah Ali-Rahimni,

22- Khadijeh Kobraei,

23- Mossayeb Mousavi,

24- Seyyed Ali Hosseini-Baghghal,

25- Roghiyyeh Gharaei

26- Hajieh Ayyal Ghorbanali

27- Mohammad Ziba,

28- Seyyed Abdollah Nowrouzi,

30- Mohammad-Ali Loghmani,

31- Touba Hallajan,

32, Pari Shahangouei,

33- Halimeh Ghassabian

34- Khadijeh Maheri


The private complainants (the Baha’is):

  1. Beneficiary of Asadollah Naderi
  2. Mohammad Jazbani
  3. Beneficiary of Mohajierzadeh
  4. Rahbani


Amount of [compensation] claimed: 1,700 rials


The criminal file of the accused Baha’is, that consists of the murdered Mohammad Hasan Ghannad Amoudi Muslim, and attackers and injurers of the minor child of Muslims, carrying a dangerous weapon and shooting by Baha’is in Tehran Square of Shahroud, is still to be prosecuted, as the accused Baha’is are still at large.