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[Adapted from website:] Bahaism in Iran

[Date:] 23 Aban 1396 [14 November 2017]


Repetition of a Scenario: The Adoption of a UN Resolution in Critique of Human Rights Situation in Iran

“Adoption of a UN Resolution in Critique of Human Rights Situation in Iran”

The resolution was initiated by Canada in the UN Committee on Social, Human and Cultural Affairs (Third Committee of the General Assembly). Reportedly, Canada has consulted with dozens of countries and human rights organizations in its preparation. The resolution follows a 23-page report by Asma Jahangir, special rapporteur on Iran, published last month.

The five-page resolution expresses concern about Iran’s use of torture, poor prison conditions, arbitrary arrests, applying restrictions on religious freedom, and discrimination against ethnic and religious minorities, as well as women.

Now note that Diane Ala’i, the representative of the perverse Baha’i sect in the United Nations, also welcomed this resolution. Since the victory of the revolution in 1357 [1979], almost four decades after the revolution, Iranian society and its regime have adhered to a set of values, the preservation of which can certainly lead to behaviours criticized by a particular group or sect. We cannot accept, or rather, no country or nation can accept, that its values and beliefs are being attacked by a sect or group, especially if the method of attack leads to terrorist acts.

In a word, it is obvious that preserving the values and beliefs of the Iranian people is costly for those who oppose these values, and this is a logical relationship. Ms. Bani Dugal is concerned about the violation of the rights of Baha’is, but she should know that as long as a Baha’i acts in his/her faith, he/she is safe in the Iranian regime and is a citizen, but if he/she wants to be in violation of the belief values of the majority of the Islamic Iranian society, he/she will definitely be dealt with decisively.

As the Baha’i International Community’s chief representative to the United Nations, Bani Dugal said, “We welcome this resolution, which strongly condemns human rights abuses in Iran.”

Hamed Mahmoudi 24 Aban 1396 [15 November 2017]