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[Adapted from website:] Bahaism in Iran

[Date:] 10 Dey 1396 [31 December 2017]


Marginal Aid to Earthquake Victims or Baha’ism Propaganda!

Bahaism in Iran – The recent earthquake in Kermanshah Province, which killed and injured a number of our compatriots, saddened the great nation of Iran. Therefore, in the early hours, many honourable people of Iran, each to the best of their ability, sent their [generous] aid to the affected areas.

But in the meantime, Baha’ism’s anti-religious organization is trying to take advantage of the suffering of the earthquake victims and to cover its poisonous propaganda to the victims under the guise of aid. Also, one of the propaganda news channels of this sect published an article titled “Message of the Late Shoghi Effendi (the last leader of the Baha’i sect dated 13 July 1944, about 73 years ago) About the Earthquake Victims (Gorgan).” The message, which is a kind of code for the Baha’is, states that even if the authorities [try to] prevent it, [they should] help the victims and engage in teaching them Baha’ism.

It seems that the leaders of the House of Justice intend to use the opportunity to exploit the suffering of the people and, in the guise of helping the earthquake victims, to make their poisonous propaganda the intellectual food of the affected people. What is certain is that the regional and national leaders have never been unaware of the people’s help and this is and will be considered as the main pillar of helping the injured, but if this aid [is intended] to become a tool for propagating a perverse religion by abusing the sufferings and needs of the injured people, it will definitely not be welcomed and acceptable to the people.