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[Adapted from website:] Baha’ism in Iran

[Date:] 17 Aban 1394 [8 November 2015]


About Nourizad’s Kissing the Feet of [an Infant] Baha’i

Baha’ism in Iran – The enemies of the Iranian nation, who always took Nourizad for a worthless and useless puppet in public in order to take revenge on the supreme leader, forced him to fall at the feet of a Baha’i child and kiss them.

Author: Mobina Salehi

Mr. Nourizad, once again, in a not-so-surprising move, portrayed himself as a traitor; this time, not in the political sphere, but in the moral and religious sphere, he published in cyberspace a text and picture of himself kissing the feet of a Baha’i child....

First, Nourizad’s action was calculated and planned in advance and had a general goal, meaning that he had chosen a family that was important to the Baha’i sect’s organization, as well as to the Zionist regime. Nourizad himself claims in a note that the crime of the parents of this Baha’i child was [helping] the youth [to obtain a] university education, while the Baha’i sect’s university [comprises a] team and houses organized from abroad, through intermediary groups within [the country], [using the method of] so-called “virtual education”, [which] is established and managed at a university in the United States.

At present, the continuation of the activities of these team houses is a priority of the Western and Israeli intelligence services in the field of sectarianism, because while developing and expanding sectarian teachings, it weakens the foundation of families and at the same time provides a group ready for violent exploitation. According to Nourizad’s statement, the parents of this Baha’i child were arrested during legal proceedings against Baha’i groups claiming to teach in absentia.…

Finally, it should be noted that Nourizad’s support of Baha’ism has followed a similar path to [that of] the Western media and other devotees, as can be seen and learned from other individuals or media outlets, such as special reports on Israel and Baha’ism by the BBC....

Source: Ruydad