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[Adapted from website:] Bahaism in Iran

[Date:] 24 Farvardin 1399 [12 April 2020]


The Baha’i International Community Called For the Release of All Baha’i Prisoners and Other Prisoners of Conscience

Bahaism in Iran: The headline was reported by some news outlets on 24 and 25 Farvardin [12 and 13 April], quoting Ms. Bani Dugal, so-called senior representative of the Baha’i terrorist sect, in which Iranian authorities were asked to release Baha’i prisoners from the Iranian jails in the wake of the Covid 19 virus. Of course, she pointed out that the imprisonment of these people was unjust and their lives were in serious danger.

In response to this request, we note:

First, each political regime has its own judiciary, and the decision as to whether someone is guilty or not guilty is within the competence of the judiciary. No one outside this regime can rule that people are imprisoned unjustly or their lives are in danger. Each person is sentenced for a period in prison, as this was the case with key members of the Baha’i organization in Iran, and of course these individuals were released one by one [when their sentences] ended in the year 1398 [2019].

Second, apparently, Ms. Dugal has forgotten that some of the prisoners in Iranian jails were released on the basis of a commitment to protect their lives. Some of them were given leave, or given their freedom, but those in the (public or private) wards who committed premeditated murder or any crime and have long-term or death sentences have remained in prisons.

Despite the crimes of the Baha’i sect against the oppressed people of Iran, backed by the Pahlavi regime, the Islamic regime allowed them to live in Iran. But instead of recognizing this Islamic compassion, the organization uses it as a tool to confront the Islamic regime and uses it to serve the evil intentions of the enemies of this regime. Ms. Dugal should know that if the Baha’is continue to have secrets about becoming tools of the enemies [of Iran], they must accept the consequences. We cannot give the wealth of these suffering people to a sect that is constantly plotting against this land.