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From: Central Public Prosecutor’s Office in relation with Islamic Revolutionary Public Prosecutors of Iran

To: Ministry of the Interior, Respectable Deputy of Political-Social [Affairs]


In response to letter number M/7873, dated 19 Tir 1362 [30 June 1983] it is hereby stated that occupations such as bread-making, dairy products and/or any other similar work which has to do with foodstuff, should not be given to the Baha’is, because this would cause these [products  to become]“unclean”. In relation to other occupations, act according to the standard rules.


[Signature over the official stamp]

[Stamp:] Indexed

[Stamp:] Illegible

[Official stamp with number and date] 2/16193, dated 6 Shahrivar 1362 [28 August 1983]


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