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The Iranian Medical Board

Central Organization


Islamic Republic of Iran

In the Name of God


Dr. Monafi

Minister of Health

Attached herewith are a copy of the Supreme Judicial Council’s letter number 1/11705, dated 29/3/1361 [19 June 1982], a photocopy of a letter from Dr. Sina Hakimian, dated 8/?/1361 [?/?/198?], and a photocopy of a letter from Dr. Soroush Habibi, dated 12/4/1361 [3 July 1982], for your information.

The above-mentioned individuals graduated in 1358 [1979], and, in accordance with the law approved by the Revolutionary Council on 24/9/1358 [15 December 1979], they will not be issued medical practicing certificates until they complete the required period of [military?] service, in the absence of which they are not permitted to practice medicine.  Furthermore, as they are Baha’is, they will not be permitted to practice medicine in the public sector. 

Please [issue instructions] to review the matter and make arrangements to issue a legal permit to allow them to work in the private sector and to be exempted from the three years’ military service obligation.

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It is recommended that regulations on this matter be legislated, to allow these people to pay by instalments and thereby fulfill their obligation [for military service] after a few years of being gainfully employed.


26/4/1361 [17 July 1982]

Chairman of the Central Medical Board

Dr. Abbas Sheibani


Copy: Dr. Sina Hakimian [for information]

Secretary General of Central Medical Board

Dr. Hafizi


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