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Ettelaat [Newspaper]

Local News

Thursday, 20/6/1365 [11 September 1986]

6 Muharram 1407

Number: 17979

[Page] 3


Comments from the Head of the Supreme Court regarding the Amnesty of Prisoners, Detainees held without charge, Confiscated Property, and the Bill for Restructuring the Bar Association


Tehran, the Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency:


A recent memorandum from the Imam’s Amnesty Board, stated that within the past three months a considerable number of rehabilitated prisoners charged with various crimes, were released from prison under certain conditions.

At the announcement of this news, Hojatol-Islam Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi -Bojnurdi, Head of High Courts, added, “According to the recent memorandum of the Imam’s Amnesty Board, a considerable number of prisoners accused of various crimes (with the exception of members of anti-revolutionary factions, drug users, smugglers, makers and distributors of illicit drugs, members of  the perverse sect, spies, rapists, professional crooks, armed robbers, embezzlers, bribers, and kidnappers), were pardoned for the occasion of Eid-e-Fetr and Eid-e-Ghorban by Ayatollah Montazeri and were either released from prison, or their crimes were downgraded.

Mr. Bojnurdi added, “It is possible for all prisoners to repent, and if anyone who is arrested on any accusation states his repentance and rehabilitates, he can be certain of the Imam’s pardon.”