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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Mashhad Municipality Council

Behesht-e Reza[1] Organization

Number: 18/8793

Date: 15/12/1384 [6 March 2006]

Attachment: ------


In the Name of God


To: Mashhad Police Department (Precinct 5)

From: Behesht-e Reza Organization

Regarding: Burial of a body belonging to the Baha’i sect


With greetings,

I respectfully inform you that according to Dr. Majid Dahnavi’s certification, Mrs. Simin Golshani, daughter of Azizollah and Khadijeh, with identification number [redacted] and date of birth 24/11/[redacted] [13 February [redacted]], passed away in Mashhad on 14/12/1384 [5 March 2006], due to a stroke. According to the declaration of Mr. Heshmatollah Behshad with identification number [redacted], who claims to be a relative (husband) of the deceased, she was a member of the Baha’i sect.

Considering that the burial of Baha’is in a Muslim cemetery is contrary to Islamic Sharia law, please instruct that, while the requirements of the above mentioned corpse are to be observed, the body be buried in the designated place by the claimant, without any signpost or headstone.


[Official stamp]


Chief Executive Officer - Office of Behesht-e Reza




[1] [Behesht-e Reza is a cemetery in Mashhad]