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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

In the Name of God


Date: 16 Azar 1360 [7 December 1981]

Number: 20261

Enclosure: -----


Labour and Social Affairs, Head Office

Office of Labour and Social Affairs

In accordance with Clause 8 Section 29 of the Primary Division of the Human Resources Restructuring Act for Ministries, Public Institutions, and Government-affiliated Organizatons, sanctioned on 5 Mehr 1360 [27 September 1981] by the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the punishment for being a member of the perverse sects, which, in the consensus of Muslims, are outside of Islam, or membership in organizations whose charters are based on the rejection of divine religions, is permanent dismissal from government employment.  In accordance with the provisions of Article 58 of said Act, this law is enforceable against all employees (whether subject to labour law or agriculture labour law, etc.), public institutions, factories, banks, companies and similar or related government agencies, government-affiliated, nationalized or confiscated organizations. Therefore, the relevant officials should refrain from [employing] the currently dismissed followers of the perverse Baha’i sect.

Therefore, conflict resolution officials should refrain from employing [illegible] dismissed employees of the above-mentioned organizations and members of perverse sects [illegible] and is known refrain.

Hasan Motamed Rezaie

Directorate of Labour Supervision



Photocopy to: All companies affiliated with auto and metal industries to notify all subsidiary companies

Board of Directors, Chairman


Behrouz Shojaan

[Two stamps] Iran Wood and Paper Industries

Number 3834 dated 5 Dey 1360 [26 December 1981]

Number 2662 dated 24 Azar 1360 [15 December 1981]

Organization for the Expansion and Renovation of Iran’s Industries

Circular Number: 1232/19877 dated 23 Azar 1360 [15 December 1981]


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