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The Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of (Khorramshahr)

Date 25 Esfand 1343 [16 March 1965] 15 Ala 122 B.E.

Number: [illegible]


The sacred threshold of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran, may God strengthen its foundations

Respectfully, you are informed that a few days ago, a letter was delivered by mail to Mr. Abdol-Hosein Negahban, in which an anonymous person threatened him and other Baha’is of Kut-e Sheykh, houses across the Karun River in Khorramshahr, with expulsion, gave them one month’s notice [to leave], and in order to terrorize them [the sender] introduced himself as the head of the Fadaian-e Islam [Devotees of Islam] Party.

As ordered by this Assembly, Mr. Negahban sent the letter to the Intelligence and Security Agency and forwarded a copy to the police by registered mail. A copy of it is submitted herewith for your information.

Beseeching confirmation,

Chairman of the Assembly, Dr. Manouchehr Behi


Secretary of the Assembly, Badiollah Nadeemi