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[Personal information has been redacted.]


23 Tir 1369 [14 July 1990]


The Honourable Deputy of the Judiciary of Mazandaran Province

With greetings, I wish to inform Your Honour that there has been no information to date about the decisions made for the realization of [my] rights, nor any news about Case No. 66/429, which was under investigation in Branch 8 of the lower Criminal Court. To refresh your memory, the case was sent to your office under No. 8/3258, on 13 Azar 1368 [4 December 1989], and was referred to your presence on 15 Azar 1368 [6 December 1989]. I have not yet received any news.

Also, regarding this case, a complaint has been submitted to the General Inspectorate, which is registered under number 68-144. In any case, since I have been disappointed with any appeal, I have sought refuge in you, the dear deputy. I am pleading with you to pay attention and act in any way that you deem fit, within the framework of the law, for the realization of the right.



Aziz Movaffaghi

On behalf of the Baha’is of Ivel