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[Adapted from website:] The Center of Historical Documents Survey

[Date:] 28 Mordad 1398 [19 August 2019]


Baha’is Upset and Saddened By the Retirement of General Ali-Mohammad Khademi, President of the National Iranian Airlines

From: 4H

Dated: 24 Farvardin 1348 [13 April 1969]

To: 321

Issue: 5/974

Subject: Retirement of Commander General Ali-Mohammad Khademi


The most important issue that has recently upset all the Baha’i friends of the country, especially the Baha’is who are employees of the National Air Force or those Baha’i members of the Imperial Armed Forces, is the retirement of Commander General Ali-Mohammad Khademi, special assistant to His Imperial Majesty, and chairman and CEO of the National Iranian Airlines.

Source theory – The Baha’is of Iran find the retirement of Commander-in-Chief General Ali- Mohammad Khademi unfortunate, because they fear that [the same treatment] will be applied to others in the future.

Operation Leader Theory 4H – The source theory is confirmed, while the retirement of General Ali- Mohammad Khademi has had a very adverse effect on the morale of the Baha’is of Iran. Oshnavieh

A copy was sent to sections 302 and 327, 28 Farvardin 1348 [17 April 1969]

Mr. Moghaddamfar

According to the records of the case, it should also be reflected in sections 302 and 327.