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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of the Interior

The Office of Provincial Governor-General, Isfahan Province






To: Respected Director of Policies and Elections of the Office of the Provincial Governor-General

From: Public Relations and Visitors’ Centre Office

Subject: Complaint regarding tree cutting



With greetings and salutations to God, and to the Prophet Muhammad and His Family, attached please find a statement from the Baha’i community in Isfahan with a copy of a letter that is addressed to the honourable Governor General [for your attention].  Kindly instruct your office to investigate this matter and after reviewing and providing information [to relevant parties], send a report of outcome of your actions to His honour [the Governor- General] and to our office.


Akbar Fakhari

Director of the Public Relations and Visitors’ Centre Office




Copy to:

  • Mr. Arab for information
  • Baha’i Community for information


[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]




21/07/1387 [12 October 2008]


Isfahan [Address is provided]