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Municipality of Sorkh Roud


Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Interior

Office of the Provincial Government of Mazandaran

Date: 19 Khordad 1397 [9 June 2018]

Number:  3194

Enclosure: -----


To all Real Estate Agents of the Town of Sorkh Roud

Greetings unto you,

Respectfully, letter number 37 dated 13 Khordad 1397 [9 June 2018] from the respected prefecture of Sorkh Roud, and facsimile number 216 dated 9 Khordad 1397 [30 May 2018] to the respected governor general of the County of Mahmoudabad regarding the ban on all kinds of sales and purchases of land with the perverse sect of Baha’ism is being sent. Action should be taken accordingly.


Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Moosavinejad

The Mayor [Signature]


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