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Public number: 9391

Private number: ------

Ledger: 33

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Office of the Prime Minister


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Transcriber: Malek


Date of writing: 29 Shahrivar 1316 [20 September 1937], Date of clean copy: 29 Shahrivar 1316 [20 September 1937], Date recorded: 30 Shahrivar 1316 [21 September 1937]


The Ministry of the Interior

The National Police Headquarters has arrested nine Baha’is in Sangsar who closed their shops on 23 Tir 1316 [14 July 1937], as a sign of propaganda, contrary to the official holiday schedule. A report was received, and based on it, we are certain about their demonstrations and propaganda. In fact, one of the individuals who was the initiator of this situation is Foroughian, the secretary of the government of Sangsar. Upon interrogation, he has confessed in writing that he is a Baha’i. He is making demonstrations in this regard that are against the policies of the country and the views of government. It would be best to immediately change his place of service or to lay him off.

The Prime Minister [Signature]