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Ministry of Post, Telegram, and Telephone


From Khomein to [Tehran]

Number: 14

Original date: 13 Esfand [1322]

Date of Receipt: 16 Esfand [1322] [7 March 1944]


Ministry of the Interior, copy to the Ministry of Justice, copy to the Ministry of Education

We have previously informed you by telegraph that a few Baha’is, with the help of the head of the Department of Education in Khomein, are propagating falsehoods, to which you did not pay any attention. Now we are troubling you to report that Ataollah Rowhani, the [spiritual] teacher, [and] Heshmat Khanum Moshtaghi, the clerk [blank space], teacher and spiritual sister, are propagating in the Department of Education. Should [blank space] not be desired in Khomein, the public would not tolerate it, and it is quite possible that adverse events will happen to them. We request your instruction for replacing them with Muslim employees. When the head of the Department of Education of Golpaygan came [to] Khomein, [he] did not pay any attention to the legitimate request of the residents. They are completely protecting them. What should the fifty thousand people of Kamara do to four Baha’i families?

We are looking forward to your action.

Abou-Khabir Ghazanfari, Reza Najafi, Sadroddin Najafi, Siyyid Jamal Gharshi, Mahmoud  Sarmadi, Mohammad Reza Shakeri, Qaem- Maqami, Heydar Mashayekhi, Saberi, Morteza Shams, Mohammad Aqa Mohammadi, Lotfollah Hadidi, Ali Rahimi, Mohammad Hasan Samadi,



[Sidenote1:] Stamp of Ministry of the Interior, number 75827, date: 17 Esfand 1322 [8 March 1944]

[Sidenote2:] Political, 17 Esfand [8 March]

[Sidenote3:] Stamp of Ministry of the Interior, Political Office, number 8200, date: 21 Esfand 1322 [12 March 1944]

[Sidenote4:] To be reported. If approved, instruct to write to the Department of Education

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