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Office of the Prime Minister;

General Number 2782

Private Number: -----

Folder Number: ------

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Date of record:  4/3/1320 [25 May 1941]

Registration date; 4/3/1320 [25 May 1941]




Joint Staff of the Armed Forces,


Following letter number 281, dated 29/2/1320 [19 May 1941], I bring to your attention that, according to the reports received from the minister for justice from Ahvaz and Khorramabad, after investigation, it appears that the head of the Office of Education of Ahvaz has not pretended to be a Baha’i.  Although some people know him as a Baha’i, others believe that the reason some people accuse him of being a Baha’i is that he is the head of the Office of Education, a broad-minded person, interested in education and training of minds, and also that his wife is an educated woman.   From the investigation carried out on him, he has shown no interest in this sect. In any case, the local police force has them under surveillance.

It seems that the number of Baha’is in Ahvaz is not more than 30, and, according to the police force, they have no organization. The number of Baha’is in Khorramabad is 24. Their leader is Javad Mohajer-Ghomi, who has a pharmacy, and he is the contact person for the Baha’is. The local police force is keeping an eye on them, too. The house of the head of the police force is next to the house of Javad, where there have been no demonstrations by the Baha’is. The second day of Ordibehesht [1320] [22 April 1941], which was a Baha’i celebration day, a few merchants went to his house, but no statement was read as a sermon.


Among the employees of the government, in the equivalent rank of second lieutenant, there [is] [Mr.] Sinaie, and one or two others in the police force, three in the Office of Roads and Transportation, one or two in the Office of Education, the doctor at the dispensary of health of the army or pharmacist, a weapon builder of the army, and Imani, the head of the local Economy and Finance [Department]. They have no interactions [with each other] and they do not openly identify themselves. To the Governorate Generals and police forces of Ahvaz, Khorramabad, Borujerd and Malayer instructions have been given to be vigilant and, if necessary, to act swiftly to prevent [disturbance].


Prime Minister, 4/3/1320 [25 May 1941]